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is there a way to remove the installer from a.rar abhinav_singh: I'm no expert, but I've got to assume it's all or nothing. If it wasn't, it would have already been fixed. TheNH813: i think it was worked.. just i am unable to find any link which has latest version and said i am using it I've tried that abhinav_singh, you can't find the links anymore? abhinav_singh: "Ubuntu 11.10 has been released, you can download it from the link above. There are also instructions on how to fix your graphics issue if you've experienced it on the Live CD." This is on Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) and I have a file "dictionary.dat" and "dictionary.ko" in /etc/modprobe.d that looks like this: There is no way I can get those files to go away ardchoille, I'm guessing you added them yourself? tgm4883: I was told to do so They are coming from the Language Support app which language support app? system -> language support There's no remove button ardchoille, so it's a file you added yourself? tgm4883: yes, I added them myself That's how I got the language support app to install it looks like they are just configuration files for the packages, which would be weird for the files to be there and not be package configuration tgm4883: I'm not really sure, I was just told to do that when I upgraded to 11.10, I don't recall how




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