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The C Word

I've never been a fan of Christmas....not since my two girls became adults and left home, it's so magical when you have little people in the house......I NEED grandchildren!

Anyway most people are not as bah humbug as me and love to get into the festive spirit, so I am preparing lots of Christmas gifts for you all and am booked into plenty of Festive events.......I just pray that don't play continuous Seasonal songs which will really irritate me!

What annoys me most about the C word is when people say to you "did you have a nice Christmas?", Well actually NO.....I spent two days in the bloody kitchen whilst all my family (except grandchildren because my girls refuse to reproduce) enjoy the food I've made and eat off the crockery I've been continuously washing!

But when they have all gone home at least I can sit and have a cup of tea.......or a glass of Bailey's if they haven't drunk it all!!

Well, now you know what a jolly soul I am, i hope you can make at least one of my events soon, I promise to greet you with a smile and help you choose something delightful from my stall......just don't wish me a Merry Christmas.


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