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The signature dessert of Massachusetts has been recreated in all its glory, in these bite-size biscuits with a sweet, creamy and custardy flavour.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Made in Ashbourne Derbyshire

Artisan Biscuits Boston Cream Pie mini cookie pouch

  • Energy:2147Kj/512Kcal, Fat:25.8g, of which saturates:15.9g, Carbohydrates:65.4g, of which sugars:32.4g, Protein:7.4g, Salt:1g

  • Wheat flour

    Butter: Milk 26%, Salt

    Dark chocolate chips: Sugar 15%, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Soya Lecithin Emulsifier Natural flavouring

    Meringue pieces: Sugar, wheat starch, Egg , Albumen powder, Shea oil, Palm oil, Sunflower lecithin (Emulsifier)

    Soft brown sugar, Sugar, Maltodextrin ,Golden Syrup, Whole milk powder, Sea salt, Vanilla extract 0.3%, Natural flavouring, Sodium bicarbonate (Raising agent), Beta Carotene (Natural colouring)


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